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Port Orchard Wedding | Washington Wedding Photography

Here’s some of my favorites images from Briana and Brandon’s wedding.  Thanks a lot to Andy Lewis for his tremendous help second shooting.  My wife, Sarah was also a big help…. Thanks Sarah!
And Thanks to Briana and Brandon……

I really like this “Air Brandon” shot by Andy

We set up the Reception Studio/Photo Booth for this wedding.  
This is one of my favorites from the photo booth

Nap time

Wedding Reception | Seattle Wedding Photographer

For Mike and Margo’s Seattle Wedding we did a reception studio, which is our spin on the “photo booth”.  Basically it’s a studio setup at the reception with a backdrop and some edgy lighting.  It’s was an opportunity for people to let loose and have some fun in front of the camera.  An added bonus is the great images they were able to get of their friends and family who came from all over the country.  Considering how often they are all able to gather in one place, I was glad to have a reception studio set up for these wonderful portraits….