NK Kingston Football | Kingston Photographer

The idea of this shoot was to take a “peewee” football player and make him look tough. It’s been done before with seniors and college athletes. But, I haven’t really seen it done with little guys. So, I thought why not… it might be fun. Well except for this cute grin to start it off…. we had to work up to tough :D

Starbucks Display | Poulsbo Portrait Photograper

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Yeah! My portraits are on display at the Market Place Starbucks in Poulsbo. Stop by for a late, and check them out.

Prelude to Smores

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Memories are treasures. Yet, they are fleeting. Which is why it is so important to document life as it unfolds. Not only the important milestones in life, like birthdays, graduations, and weddings but everyday events like a summer camping trip. It is easy to forget or overlook taking pictures or video… but in the end, they will be treasured for generations.

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